[travel] day 147: no sleep

Another lazy day in a lazy town. Sarah and I walked around the town to see what it was all about. But really our main mission was to find a hair salon so I could splurge a little and give my hair a little shape. And for $35….it was a deal. Though the girl that did my hair has only been cutting for 2 years and I think she said that she taught herself….hm. It turned out ok…more mushroomy than I wanted but…it will be up most of the time anyways and I can get it fixed later…no worries.


2013-05-26 17.04.29We met up with Kate (Sarah’s friend from Portsy) and we decided to go out that night since it would be our last. Cider at the hostel and free dinner at Woolshed we enjoyed our gin tonics/ vodka sodas and free champagne. I ran into Giovanni from Melbourne and it seemed like everyone was having a reunion in Cairns.


Downstairs at the Woolshed there were a lot less people but better music. So we danced down there and we were surrounded by good dancers. Always fun to watch. A lot of popping and locking and booty bouncing was going on.

So no sleep for the weak. We danced and drank until around 2 am, had our Maccas, headed back towards the hostel, ran into a dancer from the dance floor, had a nice chat……then packed my bags, talked to Sarah who was kind enough to stay awake with me in the staircase until my 3:55 am shuttle came to pick me up. And Sarah went off with her own adventures….


Cheers and happy traveling.


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