[travel] day 148: Virgin Air. You suck.

As if my flights couldn’t get any worse.  I have been flying/waiting for 12 hours now to get to Bali and I haven’t even left Australia. I started this morning with a 6 am flight and I am now boarding a 6 pm flight to Bali…finally.

6 am: Cairns to Sydney

9 am: Landed in Brisbane….heavy fog in Sydney caused a reroute to Brisbane.

11 am: Brisbane to Sydney

1 pm: Sydney to Brisbane……my flight out to Perth already left so they had to find another way to get me to Bali….through Brisbane.

4 pm: Going through customs, getting tax back, exchanging money in Brisbane, finding Sarah chillaxing on a couch at the terminal.

6 pm: Brisbane to Bali.



This was my last goodbye to Australia and Virgin Australia made it an exhausting way to go.  The only good in this is that I don’t have to find Sarah at the airport, the only worry now is to make sure that my bag isn’t floating around somewhere in Australia instead of heading to Bali with me.


Just a tiring draining day with no good meals and a lot of chocolate to get me through the day.


Cheers and happy traveling


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