[travel] day 154: Mount Batur

A morning wakeup of 2 am….did we sleep…nope. We left for our sunrise hike up Mount Batur in Bali. Our driver picked us up from our villa and off we went into the early morning. All four of us were grumpy and didn’t want to hear it from anyone. Two of us, Me and Mikael are hikers…while the other two aren’t so much. So it was a lot of motivation for Sarah and Ash to make it up the mountain. At 1,717 meters high, its not that hard of hike but for ones that usually never hike…it would be a challenge, especially at 3 am in the morning. A lot of mental strength really more than physical.

After a couple of hours of pushing each other and taking plenty of breaks we made it to the top. We were so proud of each other.

At the top we were cold. Cold cold cold….while waiting for the sunrise…which was dampen by heaps of fog and clouds. But no matter what we were super happy to


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