[travel] 156: Amed/Tulamen

Talk about the dive of my life. Ever wanted to feel like Little Mermaid? Definitely go dive Tulamen, the US Liberty ship wreck is an amazing dive right of the beach. I had the soundtrack of Little Mermaid running through my head while I enjoyed the bountiful fish and coral. Gorgeous. This was one of two dives we did, we also did a coral drop off dive. I suggest going early in the morning or later in the evening before sunset since around mid day there are heaps of divers and its never fun when you see more floating humans than you do fish.

We got to Amed via van from the dive center we were going to dive with. They picked us up bright and early at 5:30 am in order to dive around 8, they were late…around 6:30…so we were a grumpy bunch since waking up early isn’t second nature to any of us except Mikael. The drive there was supposedly really nice….but I, of course was sleeping for most of it until Sarah woke me up just to tell me that the guy sitting shotgun puked in the car. Thanks.

Once we got to Dive Concept, we were greeted by a very serious dive master…..wow buddy….we want to have fun too. Eventually we started warming up to each other and had a good time from there on out.

We didn’t plan out our boat ride to the Gilis yet, so we asked and they delivered. 300,000 rupiah (around $30) for a round trip from Amed to the Gilis. Cheap cheap considering it was around 1,000,000 rupiah (around $100) online. So we jumped on it, but it left us broke…no money. But it was even a better deal because they would drive us to the airport after we came back from the Gilis….saving us around $30. Sweet. The fast boat to the Gilis was called Sea Express….Dive Concept and Sea Express are run by some French guys…so almost ALL of the people on the boat were French…so our Frenchie Mikael felt right at home.

Settling down at Eka Purnama Cottages, we realized that they don’t accept credit cards and we were short about 100,000 rupiah to pay for our room.  Yikes. And the closest ATM was 10 km away and was closed. What? Seriously. So I grabbed the last bit of my Australian dollars and Sarah grabbed her US and Mikael jumped on the back of a scooter and got our money exchanged for a horrible rate in order to sleep with a roof over our heads.

Still broke, we found a cheap eat which had free wifi and sat down grubbed on some Mie Goreng and drank some papaya juice. Mikael brought his guitar down and we sang, ate and facebooked.ImageImage

Always a good day when you travel with some quality human beings.

Cheers and happy traveling.



One response to “[travel] 156: Amed/Tulamen

  1. Another great way to do the Liberty is to stay at one of the few hotels on the beach just in front of it and dive the wreck on your own time. You can sit on the lawn and watch for all the other divers to leave, then grab a tank and head in!

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