[travel] day 159: Dive Targanwan

 Diving in the Gilis. Good spots in a short distance, around 10 mins away from the island by boat. I got my deep dive certificate in order to do some of the dives. Was it worth it? Sure…so I don’t get left behind. But I wasn’t amazed by the ocean floor this go around. I did 4 dives with them. Shark Point (no sharks but heaps of sea turtles….huge ones too), Meno Wall (where we spent more time away from the wall than near it), Sunset Point (where I got my deep dive cert, going 30 meters underwater) and Hannes Reef.


We went with this dive center because it seemed to be the more professional. And all the dive centers have the same price for dives. So it doesn’t make since trying to find the cheapest price.

It was an alright dive center. Sarah had a problem with her mask which made her hate the dive and another person had a problem with their air tank but she was eventually able to dive, they lost our weight belts and I dove with 7 kgs instead of 5 so I used up my air wayyy toooo fastttt since I had to kick a lot harder to get places. They really didn’t have time to do our log books. Ever. It seemed they really pack their dives together so it was hard to catch the dive master/instructor in order to fill out our books. Some problems we shouldn’t have if we are paying good money. The facilities were great though. And every one on the staff was nice and sweet. But is it worth the problems we had with them? I dont think so. They were just a little bit disorganized for my taste. 


Maybe check out the other dive centers instead if you head over there. 

cheers and happy traveling. 




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