[travel] Gili Trawangan/ Flush Bungalows

Hello Gorgeous. You are what I have been looking for. When everyone thinks of Bali…they think beautiful beaches, paradise…Nope. Not what I found. But at Gili T….that is money. So breathtakingly beautiful. The people and the beaches. The water is so clear that you can see down 30 meters and see the ocean floor. The blues of the ocean and sky are so vibrant and pure. Just lovely. We stayed in a little crappy hole in the wall the first night. The water was sitting the pipes too long and smelt like poop and the room was super hot. But we stayed calm and walked around to find the token hammock. Walking around the island we came across adorable bungalows near the beach. Sarah was in search of a hammock for this whole trip. It just doesn’t seem like paradise if you don’t sit in a hammock and drink a young coconut. So we made it happen, for the same price as the other crappy hole in the wall, we got a two bed bungalow over looking the main street/beach with a hammock and breakie (banana pancakes!) was included. Score. The rest of the three nights at Flush Bungalows was amazing. Not because our room (room number 3) was the beesknees, but also because the people there became our friends. We spent our nights with them, playing guitar, singing, laughing and bonfiring. They were honestly the most kind hearted people we met in Indonesia. Connections like this is why I travel.


Sarah loved it so much that she stayed an extra night there instead of in Kuta….good choice my dear.


If you ever go to Gili T make sure you stay at Flush Bungalows and say hello to Jos, Hari and Abi. And Room 3 has the best view.


Cheers and happy traveling.




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