[travel] day 163: Tioman Island

A 9:30 boat ride and getting in at 1 pm on the island….SE Asia definitely are on their own time….but never on time.

With our luggage, we go on a search for a room. Tioman Island is pretty big, well compared to Gili T. The island is dead….meaning….there is NO ONE here…so strange. We chose to stop at Air Batang (ABC) since it was supposed to be where the backpackers go. The island is so quiet, the stores are empty, it was hard to find anyone to see if there was a room available. So freaking strange.


We found a spot, thinking we might stay for two nights. The room had a fan and a nice balcony. The breeze from the sea was nice but we were a small trek up hill from the main and only street.IMG_6214


I chose to dive in the afternoon to Sipadan Wreck…the visibility was poor but they said it was better than it usually is…which was only around 10 meters. After an average dive, not a lot of marine life…really only the wreck.  I figured it wasn’t worth staying and diving alone…since there was no one on the island and Mikael had to leave for Singapore the next day.

The rest of the island can only be accessed by boat taxi or trekking. We tried to trek but with flip flops, dress, expensive camera in tow…..it was impossible..good trekking shoes are a must. And it was close to sun down and you really need a torch if you want to go explore.

If you want peace and quiet, alone time, no interaction and no internet….this island is for you. But for me to stay there for another night alone was not worth it. I need people around me or else I just get self conscious and bored.

cheers and happy traveling.


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