[travel] day 164: Singapore

A short trip but long journey to Malaysia and we are not down to Singapore. I get to explore Singapore for a little bit before heading back up to Malaysia.


Singapore is a hot humid city…haven’t seen the ocean yet but I don’t think it will help my craving for the Gilis. I miss Indonesia. But a new country is always exciting.

It was wicked hot today. So a short walk around to exchange his camera and I was done.  I stayed inside the hostel catching up the world wide web. Obviously not that well considering that I am writing the rest of this in Turkey. Totally different time zones, countries, continent….oops my bad. 

Around 7:30 my last fellow traveler left….so left all alone….solo traveling here I come.

Fell asleep really late…couldn’t go to sleep after all my friends left me. Haha. Finally crashed at around 4 am….woke up at 11 am. Lazy day.

cheers and happy traveling.



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