[travel] day 165: Singapore Couchsurfing Event

Solo travel. At it again. First thing I do is check CouchSurfing for events. One catches my eye and it was Singapore Street Art Tour. With space for 50 people, I quickly join the event. Starts at 2:30, plenty of time to get ready.

We meet up at a train station, first time taking the train in Singapore and it’s nice, clean but at times confusing, some escalators go two floors down while others just go down one. But nothing compared to the trains in Japan, so it was fairly straight forward.

Eventually at 3, we departed. A lot of walking from place to place to see…..street art? I guess people have different ways of expressing what art is, of course and they have different ideas of what street art is.

Singapore is interesting because it is the land of rules and regulations. No chewing gum is allowed, no graffiti, no littering or you might just get caned as in hit with a cane for punishment. So…this street art was not what I consider street art. It was very interesting considering it was art from famous artists manipulated with a Singaporean twist. Like the Van Gough’s Starry Nights with Singaporean apartment buildings in the background instead of village houses. Really? That is street art?


I also didn’t appreciate their take on art. When you take art pieces done and change it to fit the space you want to fill. I felt like it was almost offensive. You can’t take a Andy Worhal change the Campbell Soup can and call it street art.

They also showed us some real street art done by original Singaporean artist. Which had more creativity, expression and something I appreciated.


It was such a strange tour. I found some parts of it great while others severely lacked any type of street cred.

After the tour, a few of us hung out….ate at local street hawker stands…and sat and chat in the park until 3 am. Long day but worth the trek out.


cheers and happy traveling.



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