[travel] day 171: Istanbul day 1

Hello Istanbul.

I get in early in the morning. And with my morning drowsiness I get to find my backpack with the lock that I put on it but I don’t have the right lock combination. How to unlock my pack, get a Turkish lost baggage employee to open it with a pair of pliers.  Even after a broken lock, I am pretty excited to be in Turkey.  Plenty of time to sit down and chillax for a bit since my ferry ride doesn’t happen until 7 am.  I take a taxi to the ferry terminal (50 lira….ouch), a ferry ride from Europe to Asia (3 lira) and a nice walk up a steep hill to Hush Lounge Hostel in Kadikoy. After walking into the hostel and asking about a gentleman named Kyle at the front desk, I was told that we wouldn’t be able to check in until 11 but I could help myself to some brekkie.


But where is my Kyle? So I take a look at the breakfast spread and soon I find him walking in for his own breakfast. Perfection. Boy, did it feel great to be in his arms again. Nothing like that moment when everything else melts away.  We sat outside in the shade from the morning sun, talked about the happenings and I complained about how tired I was while we ate our Turkish breakfast.

After a quick nap in Kyle’s dorm bed, we finally decided to roam around the Asian side of Istanbul. Walked around and had some lunch, checked in and off to the European side we went.





Grand Bazaar chaos, Spice Market Turkish Delights and random fruit stands were all a part of day one.





Even with all of the excitement, the most important part was that I was with my Kyle again.


Cheers and happy traveling.



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