[travel] day 175: Cappadocia

Off to Cappadocia.

Night bussing it out to Cappadocia. We arrived and had the hotel information stand guy call our hostel. Random act of kindness. Always nice when you travel. In return for his kindness he didn’t ask for anything. Sweet.IMG_6611



Driving into Goreme was a sight for sore eyes. The gnome type natural landscape is beyond captivating. It just looks like a strange drawing that a child would draw that came to life. Once we got to our hostel, we were greeted and told that we would have to wait for our room. On a walk we went. Found somewhere to have a Turkish breakfast…..overpriced by a lot. 40 Lira for two orange juice and breakfast is a rip off. (Do not go to Firin Express, though it is recommended by Lonely Planet)

After afterwards we headed towards the Open Air Museum and what a beautiful sight. Churches in caves inside the pointy hills. In the black church where you have to pay a little bit more to get in, the guy inside was super sweet. He acted as our tour guide and told us about the church and it’s significance. Though we was quick to tell someone not to take any pictures or not to talk.

Another security guard in a different church also did the same for us, but told us that he would take us to the Turkish bath house in his car. We had to question that one. Are these people really that nice or do they want to kidnap me? (Turns out that they are really just that nice.)


IMG_6700We set off on a hike afterwards. In and out of the strange landscape, it made us feel like we were on another planet.

cheers & happy traveling



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