[travel] day 176: hot air balloons

Up Up and Away. We woke up bright and early…meaning 3:45 am to be out the door at 4 am. We saw loads of vans picking up the people around us for their sunrise balloon flight while we waited. 4:45 rolled around….shoot did we miss him? Nope….he was running around looking for us while he was parked in front of our hostel. How did he miss us? He even walked right next to us.

We got to the balloon place late and had the worst breakfast of left over bread and tea. The sun started to rise and we were still nowhere near the balloons.






After it was already light outside, we went to the balloons, watched them fill it up and finally we were in.  Off we went, up into the sky above the fairy chimneys. The sun rose and warmed us up. And we saw the beautiful city of Goreme in the sky. One of the best experiences in Turkey to date. Worthwhile even though the money is high ( around $200 USD each). You can’t beat a above air experience in this city.

cheers & happy traveling.


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