[travel] day 183: multnomah falls

One crisp fall day. Kyle and I decided to go for a hike. I’ve been eyeing Multnomah Falls for awhile now every since I saw a YouTube clip of a couple getting engaged there. Seemed like a beautiful place.

In Washington state there is a fall called Snoqualmie Falls which are just breathtakingly beautiful and an equally amazing lodge where you can get great breakfast or a relaxing massage. Highly recommend all of the above if you are in or near Seattle.

So Multnomah Falls also has a lodge. We made breakfast reservations and hoped for the best. We arrived and had a great spot with a window seat looking at the falls between some trees.

Breakfast was a step up from Denny’s but at Denny’s we usually get hot food, not luke warm. My coffee was constantly getting filled which was nice, the view was nice, food should be consume in Portland before heading out to the falls.


We hiked up to the top of the falls which consisted of around 10 switch backs. The path is nicely maintained and easy for anyone to do even if you weren’t planning on hiking.


On our way back we saw a sign attached to the bridge. When I looked over it said, “Wendy, Will you marry me?” I couldn’t believe it was happening! And we waited and saw her coming to the waterfall blindfolded. So sweet.

A beautiful way to end our hike.

Cheer and happy traveling.

Ps. Check out this adorable post office while you are at it. Right by the freeway on the way to the falls.



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