One traveling dress. Travel. Food. Love. Photography. Everyday.

White Lake in Mongolia.

I am the girl in the dress. Living in Japan for the last 3 years. Deciding where to move next and living everyday in with a grand new adventure. Travel junkie, and foodie at heart, and recent photography nerd.My inspiration came to me when I was on Pinterest, pinning my non-existent wedding like most girls. Looking at these beautiful wedding dresses that cost an arm and a leg, what a complete waste to wear it only once. Sure the dress can be passed down to your daughter (but who says you are going to have one) or resold to make a small fraction of what you bought it for or even framed so that you have a piece of art hanging in your family room. But I decided once I buy my dress. I will travel with it. But of course, I am in a pickle. I am not getting married yet nor do I have a ring on this finger to even buy a dress so for now my LBD will have to do. I will eventually replace my LBD for my wedding dress…..once we go on our honeymoon. But until then….this is my one traveling dress.

Cheers and happy traveling,



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